A September to Remember

September 2015 was the month of awakening personally for many. Christians that were on the verge of being awake because the Holy Spirit started to work in them, began to notice the troubles around the world intensifying over 2015.

Signs in the heavens had already been aligning in a warning style fashion leading up to 2015. While there were quite a few “signs in the heavens” by way of rare planet alignments, there were some events more obvious called the Blood Moons.

There were a large amount of people that thought the Blood Moons themselves were going to be the end, just like September 23, 2015 and countless other dates that come and go.

However there is no date setting on God’s calendar. Only God the Father knows when Jesus will return.

Mark 13:32
But of that day and that hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels which are in heaven, neither the Son, but the Father.

Never listen to date setters, but in the Book of Matthew and Revelation both, we were warned to start watching for signs. God wants us to know when Jesus is at the door so we will be ready.

The Blood Moons

If you are not familiar with the Blood Moons and how the appearance of those special moons coincided with important dates surrounding Israel, watch this video below.

Once you are caught up on the Blood Moons, it is easy to see how in the midst of all of those signs that some strange alignments started to happen in September of 2015 in other areas.

Again, confusion set in and many believed that September 23, 2015 or dates close to it were one of the dates of the Lord’s return. They were only let down when “nothing happened” because events are taken out of context and that God is sending many many chances for us to repent.

Dates between now and the actual return of the Lord for His people are chances. Chances to repent and be counted worthy of escaping judgement.

Events like these are all warning signs and things to watch for. Only God knows when the time is at hand. Don’t forget that the Devil is working very hard in these times also to deceive as much as possible and lead people astray.

September 2015

Robert Breaker, a missionary evangelist, has an excellent overview about September 23, 2015, and the many events that were taking place around that date. That date was meant as a stronger kick-off in events, not the end.

For the blind, there was nothing to see here. For the awakening Christian, it was a clear warning they should come out of slumber and be at watch. The Lord’s return is sooner than many had been anticipating.

The rate of acceleration in signs and wonders continued after September 23, 2015 and through the last months of the year.

One of these signs was the fulfillment of Isaiah 17:1 as Damascus became a ruins heap from the war in Syria.