Damascus Ruinous Heap – Isaiah 17:1

After September 2015 came and went, things really started picking up and accelerating, especially the war in Syria.

While many again were not paying attention or choosing to care about what was happening in the Middle East, the refugees fleeing from Syria were starting to flood Europe and change the way of life for many.

Europeans were seeing first hand what was going on and being directly affected by the growing Syrian war, but what was not brought to the immediate attention of Christians was the role Damascus plays in these final days.

The war in Syria is directly mentioned in the Bible, specifically a sign to watch for in the destruction of Damascus from being a city. It was prophesied to become a ruinous heap.

The Isaiah 17:1 prophecy started around late September and early October of 2015 as the war grew to reach the capital of Syria. The prophecy was fulfilled by December of 2015 as the war raged on.

Isaiah 17:1
The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

If you didn’t know, Damascus has become a ruinous heap. The city is no longer functioning. For miles and miles the streets of Damascus hold ruin and rubble, just as foretold in the Bible.

Here was drone footage of Damascus in December 2015. Even the news titled it “Apocalyptic Scenes” and how very true those words were. Sit back and think about Isaiah 17:1 while watching this footage.

Pastor Paul Begley at the time had some great commentary on this drone footage when it came out. Worth another 3 minutes of your time to hear insight on Isaiah 17:1 and Damascus becoming a ruinous heap.

Damascus falling was a clear indicator of the times we live in, but the Lord is sending plenty more signs to draw your attention to the hour. The earth is in pain and awakening from sleep, are you?